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Reviewing an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

Reviewing an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

If your child has an EHC plan, the Local Authority (LA) must review the plan as a minimum every 12 months to monitor your child’s progress and to make sure the plan continues to meet his or her needs. Reviews must also consider whether the outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate. For children under five, a review may take place every three to six months.

If there is concern about your child’s progress or if your child is due to change school, then an annual review may be brought forward. Parents and young people can ask for annual reviews to be held early if there are concerns, however the LA does not have to agree to an early review and refusal does not give rise to any right of appeal.

The purpose of the review meeting is to:

  • Bring together the views of yourself, your child and all those involved in helping them
  • Make sure that targets set previously are being achieved and to set new targets for next year
  • Review the special educational provision made for your child, any further action and who will be responsible for this
  • Recommend possible changes to the EHC plan, if appropriate
  • Consider whether an EHC plan is still required

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Before the meeting

You will receive a letter from your child’s school inviting you to the Annual Review meeting and asking you for your views on your child's progress.

The letter will give you the date, place and time of the meeting. The meeting will usually take place at your child’s school and invitations will also be sent to other people who work with your child such as:

  • Head Teacher
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
  • Class teacher
  • A representative from the LA
  • Anyone else who supports your child

You can really make a difference to the meeting by going along and sharing your views. You can take a friend or someone else for support to the meeting. As a courtesy please let the Head Teacher know if you decide to do this.

It may not be possible for everyone invited to attend the review meeting, but the Head Teacher will try to make sure that the date fixed for the meeting is convenient for those people who have had the most contact with your child.

The school will ask you and the professionals who work with your child for written reports or comments. You should receive copies of these two weeks before the meeting. Make a note of any questions that you want to ask in the meeting about the reports.

As parents/carers it is important to send your comments to the school, your views are an important part of the review.

Is my child involved?

Pupils should be actively involved in the review process, attending all or part of the annual review meeting. They should be encouraged to give their views. You may wish to talk to the school about how your child can be involved in the review process. You may wish to contact either our Children’s (0-16) or Young Person’s (16-25) Information Officers for support for your child/young person to document their views.

During the meeting

Each school will organise the annual review in its own way. The SENCO will usually chair the meeting and introduce everyone.

If you are given any extra reports on arrival at the meeting do ask for a few minutes to read through them before the meeting starts.

During the meeting you will be able to discuss:

  • The progress your child has made over the past year
  • If the targets agreed at the last Annual Review or the objectives set out in the EHC plan have been met. Your child should have been working towards these through their SEN Support Plan
  • New targets for the coming year, these will be broken down further and used in their next SEN Support Plan
  • The support to be given in school to help meet the new targets
  • Any further action that may be needed and the person responsible. This may include arrangements for provision, inclusion programmes, split placements between mainstream and special school etc.
  • If the EHC plan needs changing or is no longer needed

Make sure you ask for a copy of your child’s new SEN Support Plan and that you understand it. You may want to know who will tell you when your child has reached one of the targets and is ready to move on. Some parents use a home-school diary as a way of keeping in touch and sharing information about their child’s progress.

What is a transition plan?

Children entering Year 5 or Year 9 should have a Transition Plan. This is to ensure their future school or placement is fully explored and the needs of the child will be met. In Rotherham it is regarded as good practice to also have a Transition Review for children transferred from pre-school settings to infants’ school and from Year 2 to Year 3.

Transition Reviews

All Year 5 pupils with an EHC plan should have a Transition Annual Review. This is to ensure enough time for effective planning to take place and for the receiving school to be made aware of and make preparations to meet the needs of your child.

Both current and receiving schools should discuss at the review how they will support your child through the transition process. The review and any amendments must be completed by 15th February in the calendar year of the transfer at the latest for transfers into or between schools.

Year 9 Pupils & Transition Reviews

All Year 9 pupils with EHC plans must have a Transition Planning Review which pulls together the information from various agencies to plan with the young person for their transition to adulthood. This would include a focus on considering options and choices for the next phase of education, employment, independent living and participation in society.

Year 11 Pupils & Transition Reviews

For young people moving from secondary school to a post-16 institution or apprenticeship, the review and any amendments to the EHC plan – including specifying the post-16 provision and naming the institution must be completed by the 31 March in the calendar year of the transfer.

What happens next?

A report is written by the school, within 2 weeks of the review meeting, which includes the recommendations of the meeting and records the new targets for the following year. This report may be written up during the meeting or afterwards. A copy is sent to everyone who attended the meeting and to the LA.

The Local Authority will review your child’s EHC plan in light of this information and must send its decision to yourself or your young person within 4 weeks of the meeting. The LA must inform you whether it proposes to continue to maintain the EHC plan in its current form, amend it or cease to maintain it.

If the LA proposes to amend or cease the EHC plan they will let you know in writing of any changes they are planning to make and the reasons for them. Where amendments are proposed, you have 15 days to consider these and comment. You should clarify what support school will continue to provide if the EHC Plan is ceased.

If you do not agree with the LA’s decision following review you can discuss this with the EHC Assessment Co-ordinator or Rotherham SENDIASS. You will be given a right of appeal and offered mediation if the LA’s decides to amend the educational sections of your child’s EHC Plan (sections B, F and I), decides to maintain your child’s EHC plan in its current form or if the LA decides to cease to maintain the plan.

For more information about how to appeal to the SEND Tribunal contact Rotherham SENDIASS.

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